Casino Procedures Working With Pit Personnel

In order to successfully run a casino, all departments must work in unison and follow the approved procedures for various situations set forth by executive management. When a game is successfully cheated or the casino is robbed, pit personnel tend to immediately lose their jobs from not detecting and reporting it.

Therefore, it is imperative to follow the procedures to ensure no theft at the casino occurs and employees are able to keep their jobs. It is necessary to always let other departments know the Surveillance Department has everyone’s back with the eye in the sky. Surveillance is preset to help correct errors, detect cheating, identify theft and log procedural errors.

In return, there are specific guidelines that must be followed by pit personnel and other departments when calling for the assistance of the Surveillance Department. These include:

  • Giving your name and the pit number
  • Give the game number
  • Provide the name of the player and their position at the table
  • Describe the situation
  • For those with a heavy accent, speak slowly and clearly
  • For cheating, after providing your name and the game number immediately state your suspicions
  • In a cheating, situation do not allow payoff until Surveillance has reviewed

The previous is the most basic guidelines for pit personnel when calling surveillance for help. Another rule to follow is to report any suspicions regarding a dealer directly to the pit supervisor or a higher position as opposed to calling surveillance. Also, if a dealer makes an error, call surveillance with the name of the dealer. This will not get them into trouble but consistent errors will result in retraining for them.

If card-counting or other out-of-the-ordinary betting patterns are detected, contact the pit supervisor prior to calling surveillance. Finally, after calling, back away from the game to give the suspect air and allow surveillance to do its job. If you hang over them, the suspect will disappear leaving no evidence of their wrongdoing.

These are the common procedures most game floor departments follow when dealing with surveillance. This allows the department to utilize the cameras to catch someone in the act or acquire further evidence against them. Once again, all departments must work together to allow the casino to run effectively and efficiently. These blips in the normal flow can be eliminated through collaboration between surveillance and all departments.